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Industrialyzer - Moonstone EP [Secon State]

Ricardo Rodrigues aka Industrialyzer delivers another hard-edged release for Pan-Pot's label.

Inspired by 90s techno, it sees Rodrigues move from the Green Velvet-style deranged jack on the title track into the Plastikman-influenced "Kontrol", where snares roll in unison over a skeletal, niggling rhythm.

On "Daily Nova", he ups the pace to deliver a tone-shifting banger that's powered by doubled-up claps and a lean rhythm, while "Psychic Overlays" is the toughest arrangement on offer here.

Led by grubby kicks and hi-hats so sharp they'll pierce your skin, its cascading filters make it a relentless peak-time affair.


Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 Highlights

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the world’s largest club festival and business conference for electronic music is in full swing. The ADE conference is completely sold out with limited availability for ADE Beats and ADE University. From 16th and the 20th of October more than 2,500 artists and 600 speakers will take part in the event in Amsterdam. The organisers expect to welcome over 400,000 visitors from over 100 countries for the 24th edition.

In recent years, the Amsterdam Dance Event has become the most important breeding ground for electronic music culture. Besides the extensive conference and festival program, ADE highlights current technological and social trends as well as crossovers with other genres such as film and photography, making Amsterdam the meeting point for the global electronic music community.

The 2019 ADE Lifetime Achievement has been awarded to Marco de Goede for his vital work in Amsterdam politics and nightlife. As a politician, back in 2002, De Goede led the …

Truncate - The Bell/Initials/Timbre Ep [Blueprint]

Few if any contemporary producers do heads-down techno better than Truncate, as his latest EP for Blueprint demonstrates.

What really sets the LA producer apart is his ability to tease out new sounds and nuances while still maintaining maximum impact. For example, "The Bell" is a rolling, rhythm-heavy affair that resounds to ticking percussion and pounding drums, but also drops into atmospheric reveries.


Similarly, on "Initials", Truncate visits Miill-style minimalism, but adds his own touch with some deft, detuned sounds, while "Timbre" sees him deliver a rolling percussive affair that builds and drops subtly thanks to some wild tonal progressions

Fjaak - Fjaak 005 [Fjaak]

Berlin wunderkind power trio Fjaak are back with the fifth installment on their eponymous imprint - strap yourself in for a wild ride on this one!

Features the furious and pummelling warehouse techno assault of "Phonox" reminiscent of '90s legends Devilfish, followed by the soulful hard jack of the 50 Weapons indebted "Midnight Take Out" (they are alumni of the label after all) and the industrial/dub techno experimental piece "They Can't Smell Us" - but unless they are hiding under a bar of soap we certainly can - this one's dirty!


BPM Festival for 2020 winter edition on Costa Rica

The BPM Festival has announced the new location for its annual winter festiva and will be Tamarindo in Costa Rica on the country's Gold Coast!

Festival will be held from January 15th until 19th 2020 through across different venues in the city, which is located close to the Liberia International Airport.

Surrounded by national parks with an abundance of lush jungles and white sand beaches complemented by warm blue water and breathtaking sunsets, the surfing town and beyond offers the perfect opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

The first names for The BPM Festival: Costa Rica have been announced! We’re very excited to reveal Carl Craig, Chus + Ceballos, Hector, Luciano, Matthias Tanzmann, Nicole Moudaber, Paco Osuna, Stacey Pullen and more for our phase 1 artist lineup. In addition to solo sets from Dubfire and Sharam, iconic GRAMMY-winning duo Deep Dish will also make an appearance for a special opening set on the beach for their first Costa Rican performance in…

EXIT Iaunches eco initiative LIFE STREAM at ADE 2019

Born two decades ago out of a need to change its own society, and after working on numerous humanitarian and environmental projects ever since, including hosting one of the leading life-protecting activists from the Standing Rock tribe on its Main Stage, EXIT Festival is launching its biggest environmental project to this date: the • LIFE STREAM.

Next year, on EXIT’s big 20th anniversary, the live stream of performances will be put into a purpose with one paramount goal: to preserve life on our planet. With help of numerous organizations, artists and the audience,EXITwill call the world leaders and people everywhere to take immediate action, while also helping relevant organizations raise donations and make a difference. The first of EXIT’s • LIFE STREAM events will be held on Friday, 18 October at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 from one of the most unique venues, the world-famous Faralda Crane Hotel with the leading breakthrough DJ duo ARTBAT. They will be joined by Balkan’s finest tal…

Anthony Rother - We are the future EP [Rekids]

Anthony Rother's music has always sounded futuristic, so it's not surprising that this release sounds like it came from another time. However, instead of the robust electro drums that Rother's music is usually based on, the title track is underpinned by a stripped back techno arrangement.

Despite this slightly different approach than usual, it still gives him the opportunity to deliver his signature robo-vocals and austere, frosty synths. On "Super Future Metropolis", the storied German producer delivers a tantalisingly different approach, with a pile driving rhythm populated by abstract tones, while "The Message" is an epic synth workout, featuring those distinctive vocoder vocals.


Andrea Camillo - Alumina E.P. [Mechanikal]

Andrea Camillo with this incredible statement E.P. entitled 'Alumina' on Mechanikal. 

An absolute sonic feast awaits you as Camillo expertly blends dark, brooding and distorted kick patterns into wonderfully rich synth-lines. Huge and heavy but with a touch of class. A fine example of what a dance-floor-commander sounds like.

'Calcined' is a hypnotic and well timed affair. Synth patterns turn and twist in a journey that will leave you fully immersed in its intricate note structure and dominating composition.

Expect to hear both of these tracks in the sets of the greats!

Gabriel Wnz WNZ - Solaris E.P. [Mechanikal Hard]

Warm welcomes all round to the harder side of the Mechanikal machine with rising producer Gabriel Wnz with this awesome offering entitled 'Solaris'

Melon twisting techno is what's on offer when tackling 'Solaris'. Its deep, straight groove drives directly into the heart of the Hard Techno sound to deliver an awesome array of power and sonic control.

Heavy, deep and unrelenting - 'Dunklang' storms the gates of sanity and embarks on a full on assault on the senses. Big, tough drum patterns drive heavy acid melodies throughout the track. A full on journey from start to finish.

Incredible remixes from Domingo Caballero and Hans Delbruck assist in creating an E.P. that will knock you off your feet and straight onto the dancefloor.

ADE 2019 completes program and reveals new ADE Zen Space

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the world's largest club festival and business conference for electronic music, has finalized its program and reveals new ADE Zen Space. 

2019 features a focus on France and celebrates the 100 year anniversary of electronic music instruments.
Between the 16th and the 20th of October more than 2,500 artists and 600 speakers will take part in the event in Amsterdam. The organizers expect to welcome over 400,000 visitors from over 100 countries for the 24th edition.

In recent years, the Amsterdam Dance Event has become the most important breeding ground for electronic music culture. Besides the extensive conference and festival program, ADE highlights current technological and social trends as well as crossovers with other genres such as film and photography, making Amsterdam the meeting point for the global electronic music community.

100 years of electronic music | Focus on France
ADE traditionally kicks off on Wednesday, October 16th with an opening con…

EQ Fundamentals

Equalisation is one of the most essential skills to master when mixing a track.

On this course by Rob Jones, you’ll be taken through each of the fundamentals of EQ, so you come away armed with the knowledge and direction you need to confidently apply equalisation in your music.

 Many areas of the course focus on the composition of sounds, peppered with a multitude of ‘frequency demos’, as well as practical production examples, to ensure a thorough grasp of frequencies is attained.

A specific focus is also given to mixing bass, with a module looking at a number of different kick and bass combinations, to help with achieving the all important tight bottom end.

After covering EQ on the master channel, the course wraps up with a summary of the provided practice material, which includes 2 separate sets of stems, given both as raw audio and mixed and unmixed projects for a number of the main DAWs.


Ozone 8 - iZotope

iZotope’s Ozone 8 is one of the most comprehensive software mastering suites quickly become an essential plugin for producers.

On video below by DJ producer and music educator Joshua Casper, you’ll acquire all the knowledge you need to be able create your own professional-sounding masters with Ozone.

Joshua introduces the basics and the mastering assistant, which uses machine learning to automatically create custom presets specifically tailored to your track.

He learns features, EQ matching and using the references panel, so you’ll get up to be able to start mastering your own material to a reasonable level.

In addition to working with Tonal Balance Control,iZotope’s included software for assisted track equalisation. Joshua shows 2 different examples of mastering, one with modern and one with vintage modules, to compare the techniques used in each process and resulting mastered sound.

Signing up to the course provides access to a download pack containing 10 additional presets for Ozone

Andreas Kraemer & SLT - Research EP [Bubblejam]

Andreas Kraemer & SLT - Research EP come with 4 phenomenal tracks, 3 of which are originals and 1 remix of the main track Trancendance by Jens Lissat & Christoph Pauly. Andreas Kraemer & SLT premieres his techno to the music world. 

He is known since the 90s and also for his collaborations-project, 'Junk Project' Andreas Kraemer Techno The way of the success from Andreas Kraemer is like a history lesson in techno in techno music.
 25 years now Andreas takes a big place as music producer and DJ in the Electronic music business as one of the pioneers he did over 300 vinyl releases and a lot of digital releases also. 

With uncountable DJ gigs worldwide and his outstanding productions he takes a big place in the game. He is found on releases and lineups with colleagues like Chris Liebing Adam beyer , DJ Rush , Sven vath , Sven Wittekid ,, The Advent and so on . 
In 2012 he started the a collaboration with Neireich and did the project Kraemer & Niereich with the album B…

Alen Milivojevic & Drzneday - Preservation E.P. [Refined Format]

For number nine in the series we have the fantastic Techno duo 'Alen Milivojevic' & 'Drzneday' with an absolute smasher as they treat us with their track 'Preservation'. 

These guys hail from Bosnia and Herzegovina and provide us with some really interesting rhythms, nice vocal hooks and a big room synth that fits the party just nicely. 

Also on the release we have 2 excellent remixes with the first being from Hard Techno master 'Dorian Parano'. 

The Frenchman takes things darker with hard punchy kicks and intricate synth stabs and a synth that boomerangs your head. 

The 3rd remix is from Brazilian Techno wizard and Chromium Music label boss 'Allan Feytor'. 

He goes Techno on us with a more laid back approach to things with neat production and smooth subtle changes.

This release has something for everyone, and we are very happy to be putting these tracks out on the label.

Various Artists - Statics mind VA. Part I [Dissolved Mind Records]

Statics Mind is the digital disc with which we begin Dissolved Mind Records. 

In this album several artists expose their current vision of music and express with total freedom what they propose in their minds. 

It is divided into two parts, each part with 6 artists that are getting a lot of attention and that is why we decided to include them in this project.

The first Canadian festivals allowed to smoke Joint legally

Ever After is the first Canadian festival to allow the introduction and consumption of narcotic drugs, such as marijuana, held on June 6-9 near Toronto. 

As Canada legalized marijuana late last year, so slowly this Act is beginning to be use into practice at music events. 

Each visitor, 19 years of age and older, can carry 10 grams of personal marijuana with them, while the camper crew has the option of up to 28 grams.

Any form of distribution of marijuana at the festival site is prohibited and anyone caught dealing will be legally sanctioned. 

Ever After became the first festival on the American continent where visitors can smoke "joint" and enjoyed freely without fear of being sanctioned. 

The festival has hosted numerous electronic music artists such as Green Velvet, Chris Lake, Rusko, Noisia, Andy C. and others.


fabric brings XX Tour to No Sleep Festival in Belgrade

fabric, one of the world's leading clubs and a symbol of London's nightlife, celebrates its 20th anniversary in Belgrade with one of the UK’s most in-demand electronic duos, Bicep.

Having presented its musical outlook at Petrovaradin Fortress last summer, the London club is set to return for the second edition of No Sleep Festival on Saturday 9th November. 

The fabric team bring the spirit of UK clubbing to a crowd of several thousand clubbers, gathered in the Main Hangar, the gargantuan warehouse set by the Danube at the Port of Belgrade.

To join what’s surely set to be one of Belgrade’s parties of the year, fabric and the EXIT team have invited another of electronic music’s top duos, Mind Against. 

The Italian pair have dropped a series of killer tracks on labels like Life And Death, Afterlife, Cocoon and Hotflush, many of which have been played by house and techno’s top hitters.

Also joining the bill is one of techno’s most promising stars on the rise, Anastasia Kristensen. …

Pioneer DM40 - bluetooth Active Desktop Monitor Speakers

Bluetooth-equipped versions of Pioneer's DM40 monitors make a versatile all-rounder for a bit of DJing, production or just home listening.

Create a versatile home set-up that can deliver a rich, balanced sound for producing and DJing. 

These compact desktop speakers have been designed using professional speaker technology and effortlessly connect to all your Bluetoothr wireless devices.

The DM-40BT comes in black or white and retains its Groove Technology from the highly-reputed DM-40 active monitor speakers. Expect a smooth bass response, a wide sweet spot enabled by DECO technology, clear audio quality and rich bass sound all at the same time.

Bluetooth technology allows you to play tracks from smartphones and tablets wirelessly, while Qualcomm aptX and AAC support lets you enjoy even higher quality sound reproduction.

Front-loaded bass reflex system: 4-inch fiberglass woofers output a strong, punchy bass from the front, while grooves on the ducts reduce air friction.

This way y…

Rane RH1 Over Ear Closed Back Monitoring Headphones

Cheap and cheerful little headphones from Rane, with a closed-back design making them suitable for DJ monitoring or studio use. A nice option at this low price point.

The RH-1 is a new portable closed monitoring headphone. It fits perfectly over the ears, is small and lightweight, and provides exceptional comfort making them ideal for long hours in the studio monitoring your mixdown tracks.

With outstanding performance and a modest price of 26 euros point the RH-1 is suitable for any application.

The 9ft. (2.7m) long cable also includes a 1 / 4-inch adaptor making the RH-1 compatible with all equipment.

In the box:
- RH-1 Headphones
- 1 / 8-inch-to-1 / 4-inch (3.5mm-to-6.35mm)
Adapter- Safety & Warranty Manual

Compact, lightweight and portable designPrecise, closed-cavity structure deploying accurate and pure soundHigh-quality stainless-steel telescopic arms with scale180-degree rotatable frame, for easy single-ear monitoring ColourBlackFrequency Range15Hz-28KHzImpedance (o…

Better Lost Than Stupid - Wild Slide (Album) [Skint/BMG]

Martin Buttrich, Davide Squillace and Matthias Tanzmann present  Better Lost Than Stupid Wild Slide (Album)

‘Wild Slide’ is the debut album from techno supergroup, Better Lost Than Stupid, aka 3 of the world’s finest producers and DJs - Martin Buttrich, Davide Squillace and Matthias Tanzmann. 

Released on 13 September by Skint/BMG, the 11 track album follows a slew of singles
‘Back From The Desert’, 
‘The Sky Is Too Low’, and 

which have won praise from the likes of Mixmag, Dancing Astronaut, RA, Radio 1 (Pete Tong and Danny Howard), Marco Carola, Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber, Kolsch, Joris Voorn, Claptone, Eats Everything, Adam Beyer, and many more.