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PARTY REVIEW: 'RW X DEnacht' w/ VRIL (Live), Ancient Methods & Daniela La Luz

'Hapësira' presented the milestone edition 'Rilindja Warehouse'

Usually, everytime 'Hapēsira' announces it's 'RW' editions, I go and get myself the entry ticket. When I saw the lineup announcement for 'RW X DEnacht', I said to myself what I said for EXIL's & 'Next Level's event w/ Altin Boshnjaku, Rinia Rinia, Toton, Fideles, SHDW & Obscure Shape:
"I can't miss this one. If I do, I will regret it for the rest of my life."
So, I got myself the entry ticket and headed to Prishtina. What can I say about the event, it was so unreal and I was so happy to be there and experience the music of 3 artists from my fav country in the world, when it comes to electronic music, but also in general - Germany ♥❤

Daniela's set made me so happy that it gave me chills, especially during her "intro" and when she playes her very own 'Red Acid' from her EP on Parallel Berlin - 'Foreverness', happiness and …