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Zoom Festival, Leposavic, Kosovo

It’s the “Zoom” festival organized by TMM records and Radio KFOR 
And trust me, I have waited to overcome the bad feelings I had at the start of the party there. But somehow, I can’t get them out of my head. After the successful festival in Mitro “Feel the Peace” where everything was unbelievably super cool, with super young people who want to hang out and listen to music and in the hope that it would be the same in Leposavic, if not better, I was disappointed a little bit. You won’t believe me, but there are still people there that mix up some things, and I expected that in Mitro, but no, it happened in Leposavic.
Even though the House of Culture was reserved for the festival, both with an oral and written agreement, and music was supposed to start at 8pm and go on till 4am. But, the karate players had to hold their three hour long training (till 10pm); otherwise they would have practiced karate on us. Then, before the party, a man, dead serious, told me that he is sure the party is pr…