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PARTY REVIEW: Independence Night with Dj Tennis, David Squillace, Alban Hajdini @ Zone Club, Prishtina, KS

I was clubbing in Prishtina for the first time in 20 years :) I had heard that clubbing on Kosovo was very developed and following the world electronic scene. And it was true!

             I had the chance to meet and see contemporary cult places of today's underground scene: RilindjiaBahnhofBASStore and all of them have their own story!

             But, Zone Club is a special place for me! A club that is full of emotions and good but odd, energetic. If you are familiar with quality music and all other accompanying elements, in fact, if you're a clubber, then Zone Club and its Electronic Series is for you!

            The first time I visited Zone Club, last winter, on December 24th with Nastia and Hajdar Berisha... was amazing!
            And ... again I wanted to go back to this club, a club that has this strange, odd energy!
            Last night was the night! Actually, the Electronic Series Night of the Zone club. Line Up:Dj TennisDavide Squillace i Alban…