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COVID-19 is affecting the electronic music scene

Here's how the coronavirus, officially called COVID-19, affects festivals, clubs, promoters, and the electronic music scene in general. We just got information from promoter in Tirana, Albania that says "all massive, sport, cultural and other public gathering is forbiden untill 3rd of April" and this is announcment from thir govermnt. So, all events with electronic music too are canceled.  Situation on Kosovo is still good. Lets hope will stay like that 🙏🏻😇 All other information we took from our favorite portal of electronic music RA.  • All of Italy will be placed under lockdown starting on Tuesday, as part of  a decree  by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti. Conditions  already imposed  on Northern Italy will be extended to the entire country—some 60 million people—which includes prohibition on all non-essential travel and  the closure  of nightclubs, venues, gyms and other gathering spaces. •  Get Lost's 24-hour Miami party , planned for March 21st, h
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Ellen Allien - Hello Planet Earth (Lady Starlight Remix) [BPitch]

Whether it’s collaborating with Rødhåd, regularly performing live with Surgeon, releasing on Len Faki’s Figure and Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts, or putting on parties with Lady Gaga, New York based Lady Starlight is an artist in every sense of the word and with no limits to her creativity.  Lady Starlight appears here on the first part of a remix release series for the BPitch label boss and Berlin icon Ellen Allien that follows her AurAA album from August 2020. Also included in the prodigious package are a variety of reworks by Hadone, Keith Carnal and Matrixxman. · DT:Premiere | Ellen Allien - Hello Planet Earth (Lady Starlight Remix) [BPitch] Staying active and positive through the difficulties of the past year, Ellen has maintained a constant presence, sharing live DJ sets from her balcony, or astonishing settings around Berlin, and a continuous flow of new music, supporting artists through her labels and keeping the spirit of our culture alive. [

Nastia launches new label NECHTO

 DJ Nastia’s NECHTO label presented the LP ‘006’, taken from the musical project ‘ Scary Beautiful ’, the audiovisual music project has recently concluded the first season and is presenting the first instalment of a 5-part music release. ‘Scary Beautiful’ consisted of five DJ sessions in which Nastia played previously unreleased tracks pre-selected by electronic music producers around the world. For some artists, this was the first opportunity to have their work heard. From there, 49 tracks were selected to be released as 5 digital LPs.  The purpose of the project, which aired in partnership with Ballantine’s, was to support the electronic music industry during this difficult time through discovering aspiring new musicians and promoting their music.  Nastia received hundreds of demos by music producers from countries like Japan, Portugal, Argentina, India, Ukraine, and many others, consequently making it a global-scale initiative.  The first location where Nastia played a mix was f

Zadig launches new label with remixes signed by Perc and Oscar Mulero

Zadig kicks off the new Morrocan imprint, Sotor Records featuring remixes from heavyweight techno artists  Perc and Oscar Mulero .  Zadig is a French techno artist who has roots that date back to the 90s. He has played at major festivals and clubs globally and has an enviable discography that takes in vital releases on Deeply Rooted House, Tresor, Syncrophone Recordings and many more. He is also part of the Unforeseen Alliance live project with Voiski, Antigone, and Birth of Frequency, who are label mates on his Construct Re-Form imprint. The first release, Space Time  EP is about the lines of physics and metaphysics.  Zadig kicks off the EP with the hammering ‘Event Horizon’ (Day Is Dying Mix), an all-out assault slammer with wall rattling synths and punchy drums.  Perc has done everything from industrial noise to acerbic techno on his own Perc Trax label and a host of other fine and well-regarded outlets.  Here the UK mainstay remixes ‘ Event Horizon’ into a white knuckle ri

Beatport will accept bitcoin for payments starting in June

Beatport is  launching a a NFT Audio/Visual compilation titled ' Music for Future Dance Floors' . Beatport will soon accept Bitcoin for payments beginning in June.  It says it will be the first digital music retailer to accept Bitcoin for purchases. There have been other music companies that operate with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies .  In addition to accepting Bitcoin in June, Beatport is launching a NFT Audio/Visual compilation titled Music for Future Dance Floors.  The NFT will arrive with unreleased tracks from Sasha, Charlotte de Witte, Boys Noize, Pan-Pot, a new collaboration between Nic Fanciulli and Alec Monopoly called “ Sold As Seen ” and a bonus track from Sama' Abdulhadi. Beatport has more NFT A/V compilations planned in the future. [ source ]

Brian Eno lunches climate change & environmental sustainability fund earth percent

Brian Eno has launched an initiative that could help the music industry tackle its environmental footprint. He has launched EarthPercent , which asks artists, companies and other institutions in the music business to pledge a small percentage of their income to EarthPercent , which will then be “directed to the most impactful organizations dealing with climate change.”  "Many within the music industry want to do something to address the climate crisis but simply don't know how, which is why EarthPercent is working with scientists and experts to identify and fund the most promising solutions,” explains Eno.  They aim to raise $100 million from the industry by 2030 and invest in improving the environmental impacts of the music industry, reducing greenhouse gases, conserving nature and more.  EarthPercent is formed in partnership with music industry climate initiatives M usic Declares Emergency, Julie's Bicycle , and A Greener Festival.  The process of using the money will

Techno rave held at Chillnobyl

 Over the years, raves have been held in some unusual and unique locations, but we must agree that there is no more unique location than the Chernobyl zone.  “I Invite Everyone to Chernobyl Future Rave”  The host was Igor Oprya , who spent weeks cleaning the abandoned village club building and turning it into a place where a dance floor and bar could be located. The video used for the promotion showed him writing “I Invite Everyone to Chernobyl Future Rave” on a sign at the entrance to the city of Pripyat. However, not everything went smoothly, as some groups condemned him for violating the ban on the contaminated zone. Rave called “Chillnobyl” focused on strong techno, with a long list of local DJs playing until the early hours of the morning. With a well-equipped bar and a great visit, the rave went better than expected. More info and photos about Chernobyl Future Rav e  HERE !  Let's make a techno universe , we are sure we can do it :)  Let's rave! :) 

New report highlights the effects of DJs on climate change

 A new report by German organisation Clean Scene has focused on the effects that international DJs have on climate change.  The report, titled ‘ Last Night a DJ Took a Flight, ’ is described as “exploring the carbon footprint of touring DJs and looking towards alternative futures within the dance music industry. Clean Scene analysed the carbon footprint of Resident Advisor’s top 1000 DJs touring in 2019.  They found that between them the DJs take 51,000 flights annually, travelling 117 million kilometres.   This uses 3.2million litres of fuel, releasing 35million kg of CO2 into the air.   They note that this is equivalent to 20,000 households’ electricity for one year, powering 8000 festivals for three days, or pressing 25 million records. “The demand for a small number of DJs to tour constantly is the result of an environmentally unsustainable industry” the report reads.  “And an industry that we have an opportunity to collectively reimagine.” The report also “By travelling over 118,