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COVID-19 is affecting the electronic music scene

Here's how the coronavirus, officially called COVID-19, affects festivals, clubs, promoters, and the electronic music scene in general.

We just got information from promoter in Tirana, Albania that says "all massive, sport, cultural and other public gathering is forbiden untill 3rd of April" and this is announcment from thir govermnt. So, all events with electronic music too are canceled. 

Situation on Kosovo is still good. Lets hope will stay like that 🙏🏻😇

All other information we took from our favorite portal of electronic music RA. 

• All of Italy will be placed under lockdown starting on Tuesday, as part of a decree by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti. Conditions already imposed on Northern Italy will be extended to the entire country—some 60 million people—which includes prohibition on all non-essential travel and the closure of nightclubs, venues, gyms and other gathering spaces.
• Get Lost's 24-hour Miami party, planned for March 21st, has been postponed. The March…
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Documentary: Sisters with Transistors

New documentary "Sisters with Transistors" - prominent women, pioneers of electronic music. With a focus on some of the movement’s greatest collaborators such as Laurie Spiegel, Delia Derbyshire and Suzanne Ciani, the film titled “Sisters with Transistors” will premiere at London’s Barbican Theater on November 14th 2020. 

Although electronic music is often perceived as a men's club, it is true from the very beginning that women were an important part of the invention of devices, techniques and styles that would define the form of sound in the years to come. The aim of the film is to reveal an often neglected aspect of the history of electronic music.[source]

BPM festival 2012

In Tamarindo from March 3rd to 7th, 2021 will held BPM festival. Next edition on Costa Rica. 🇨🇷 🌴
For five days and nights of global label showcases and party brands featuring the world's leading underground DJ and producers. The BPM Festival, which stands for “Bartenders, Promoters, Musicians" was created in 2008 and has become synonymous with top-tier house and techno in idyllic locations across the world. With previous editions in Playa del Carmen (Mexico), Portimão (Portugal), and Tamarindo (Costa Rica), the brand has become a must for any music lover with a discerning taste for quality underground dance music.Until then, watch & relive the moments from our inaugural edition in Costa Rica below: 
Follow The BPM Festival for breaking news including lineup announcements and more at @TheBPMFestival.[source

Fatima Hajji - "Kua" EP [Octopus Recordings]

Spanish techno DJ and producer Fatima Hajji has released a new EP “Kua” on Octopus Recordings. This release features two original tracks and a remix by Rinzen.
TRACKLIST1.    Fatima Hajji – Kua (Original Mix) 2.    Fatima Hajji – Kua (Rinzen Remix) 3.    Fatima Hajji – Freedom (Original Mix)

Despite this year’s circumstances, the hardworking Spanish producer has remained incredibly focused on perfecting her craft and producing techno. She also released a few track on labels such as: Odd Recordings, Autektone Records i Dolma Records. [source] 

Project "InfinitX" with Charlotte de Witte from fort Mogren in Budva, Montenegro

On Thursday, September 24 at 20:20 EXIT will launche a new project InfinitX.  The first InfinitX livestream event is being realized together with Charlotte de Witte within her New Form series and with the support of Beatport. The Belgian superstar recorded this special performance from the unique location of the Mogren Fortress in Budva.Charlotte’s performance will have an exceptional global promotional value, bearing in mind that with this project she is launching her new EP “Rave On Time”.It will be exclusively available to purchase on Beatport from the onset of the livestream and comes on her own label KNTXT which is also an influential party that has held special showcases round Europe. Again the EP showed a subtle evolution in her style as she laced dark, drivingtechno, acid and rave with her own mystic ambience and stylish sense of sound design.This new stream is a perfect chance to tune into one of the world’s foremost techno innovators while soaking up the beauty of one of Euro…

Burning Man 2020 - the virtual universe has launched online

Earlier this year, the announcement was made that Burning Man 2020 would not be taking place due to ongoing concerns amid to the coronavirus pandemic. 
In place of this year's edition, Burning Man launched Kindling, a non-profit virtual events platform, and also released a movie “Burning Man: Art on Fire”. Designed by ClipoLabs, Burning Man Multiverse hosted a week-long event in place of the festival, from 30th August to September 6th. You can still visit the Multiverse by downloading the iOS and Android apps. Back in July, Burning Man hosted a virtual conference on environmental sustainability via Kindling. In February, Burning Man announced they would be moving forward with suing the U.S. federal government. 

The festival first filed the lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) back in December 2019, demanding that the government honor its appeals process in relation to costs that it imposes at the event. It equates to a total of $18 million in permit costs levied again…

Study: Ravers Still Do Drugs At Home During Virtual Streaming Events

Ravers are using drugs at home during virtual events.  Although music venues have closed and dance music lovers are now watching shows from home, it seems that party-life will not be going away anytime soon. Virtual events have become the new norm for ravers, as the current pandemic continues to threaten the entertainment industry. People are now finding new ways to have fun in the safety of their own homes. There is a new study, published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, that examines drug use at virtual raves and happy hours. 55.5 percent of them attend virtual events while 69.5 attend online happy hours. To obtain this information, online surveys were issued in April and May 2020 by researchers at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and the Center for Drug Use and HIV/HCV Research at NYU School of Global Public Health. Researchers have found that 70 percent of participants drink alcohol during these events. Nearly 30 percent of partygoers use marijuana, which was found to be…

Documentary from the series RA Real Scenes - Sydney

Since 2014, Sydney’sAustraliannightclubs have been struggling to survive
Cruel licensing regulations, better known as locking laws, have closed many places and left others at a dead end. But despite this, the underground scene still lives outside the city center. Parties are held in warehouses, parks or anywhere outdoors, where people can gather and set up a good loudspeaker. A deep sense of passion, commitment and creativity is shaping a new era of electronic music in Sydney. The RA team talks to DIY promoters and artists whose spirit never dies making Sydney a world-class dance venue, even if such events take place completely in the shadows.Watch documentary below! Enjoy!