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Vault Sessions V at Amsterdam in 2020

We are pleased to present this underground event in AmsterdamVault Sessions V,where will be performing techno dj and producer from Kosovo, Vegim, with his dirty hypnotic techno. He will be performing on the first night of this event, on 31st January 2020 among great and very quality techno artists. 

Hidden in the industrial West of Amsterdam lies a dark and legendary street, home to one of the most influential party locations of the Netherlands: The Warehouse Elementenstraat. 
Its industrial halls already wrote music history in the beginning of the 90’s, when some of the first bigger-scale house raves called ‘Multigroove’ set a milestone in the Dutch underground scene. 

Around 20 years later, in 2012, the location was re-discovered by GZG, a young collaboration of local Techno artists. Since then, the location has been opened several times and came alive again; in order to write the second chapter of music history. 

5th Anniversarywill launch their first weekender at the legendary Wareh…
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European Festival Awards Nominees and Public Voting

The 11th edition of the European Festival Awards will take place on January 15th 2020 at De Oosterpoort in Groningen, The Netherlands.

The nominees have been revealed and public voting runs until 30th November.

Get voting for your favourite festival!

European Festival Awards Nominees and Public Voting

Public voting for the 11th edition of the European Festival Awards will run until November 30th. During this period the public can vote on their favourite Festival in the five main categories: Best Major Festival, Best Medium Festival, Best Small Festival, Best Indoor Festival and Best New Festival. Additionally, they can also select the best festival in the category Best Line Up and vote for the Best Newcomer Artist of 2019.

Please follow this link to the voting!

Last years winners included; Pohoda, Roskilde and Wachen Open Air. View all of last years winners here:

Obzeen - The Calling album [Bubblejam]

Bubblejam welcomes back the insanely talented - Obzeen, with his outstanding new album - The Calling

9 original tracks, plus 3 remixes from MittensHART, and kLines

The Calling opens up with a slow but sinister vibe to warm you into the tone that is set throughout this stunning body of work. The pace immediately picks up with the first main track Arwen, blasted along by a fierce kickdrum, and falling into haunting vocals on the first break section.

The whole album has a dark vibe all the way through, with lots of epic vocals, and brooding synth lines and hooks. Intelligent almost tribal feeling percussion is littered across many sections of these absolutely wicked tracks.


'Venezuelan born - Costarican Electronic Music DJ & Producer.

Moved to Costa Rica at age 8, started his musical journey exploring different genres until he found electronic music. Well known for his intense, melodic, moody sets.
Signed on Funk'N Deep Records, Fresh Cut, Bubblejam, Enter Music, Minimal Se…

Modular Phaze - Supreme Carnivore E.P. [Mechanikal]

Absolute annihilation awaits as we welcome Modular Phaze to the Mechanikal machine with an explosive hard techno cut entitled 'Supreme Carnivore'

A full-bodied, acid stomper is whats in order with this aggressive and volatile slice of hard techno madness.

Relentless and unforgiving, it lives up to its name as the 'Supreme Carnivore' of hard techno. Sure to detonate on all major hard techno dance floors globally.

To celebrate the welcoming of the mighty Modular Phaze onto Mechanikal Hard, 'Supreme Carnivore' comes as a 6 track remix offering, drafting in some of hard technos most beloved of producers.

Remixes from label boss MiSiNKi, Rolando Hodar, Carl Shorts, Rave Syndicate and Chris Coles & Latex Zebra mean that every corner of the hard techno sound has been catered for. 

Turn on and turn up!

EXIT 2.0 starts a new festival era with a grand celebration of its 20th birthday

After this year’s edition of EXIT Festival which was the most successful ever by many standards, next year, from July 9th to 12th, the festival will celebrate its 20th birthday!

The home of the festival, the medieval Petrovaradin Fortress, will be the global music scene’s focus come July, with more than 40 stages and zones hosting some of the biggest music stars of today, as well as several selected EXIT acts from the previous two decades, whose performances have earned them a firm place in the festival’s history.
Under the symbolical slogan of EXIT 2.0, the festival marks the beginning of its new era, announcing numerous innovations in all areas of its activities.
“The entire EXIT team, as well as our friends and artists, are determined to surpass even the record-breaking years behind us in order to bring the best edition of the festival and an entirely new EXIT, ready to take on the next twenty years!”, said Dušan Kovačević, founder of the festival.
The next festival edition, as wel…

Electronic events raise money for the homeless

DJ Bone explains how he helps homeless people in Amsterdam through parties.
DJ Bone from Detroit  is currently living in Amsterdam with his wife where he presented a project called the Homeless Homies Benefit Showcase at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

It was held at the Shelter Club where DJ Bone is currently a resident of DJ and the name of the club is symbolic in this case. All the money raised at this ADE event will go to two homeless shelters in Amsterdam.
One of the shelters accommodates the homeless during the day and the other during the night. Eric and Ahna (DJ Bone and his wife) have been helping homeless people sell music on his Subject Detorit label for a long time, and over time this has become an organization operating in Detroit and Amsterdam.

One of the favorite events they did was in Detroit when they organized a rave party that people could go to without paying entry but had to bring some supplies for shelter.
There was a success, so they repeated it during the Movement…

MDMA can be consumed without 'days after'

New research shows that by properly using MDMA, it is possible to avoid that exhausted and unhelpful feeling after partying.

Dr. Ben Sessa, a Bristol psychiatrist, is currently undergoing MDMA psychotherapy and research. He argues that the use of MDMA for medical purposes did not record cases of typical mood drop and drop of motivation, as in recreational use, but a hangover prescribed as lack of sleep, high volume of movement and negligent drug use, while MDMA alone does not seem to leave such consequences.

Dr. Ben Sessa claims that his patients treated for alcoholism use MDMA properly and in controlled doses where they talk about the occurrence of "afterglow" instead of partisans known as "the day after.


The owner of the cult techno club Tresor, announced a new club

The founder and owner of Tresor, Dimitri Hegemann, will open  a new club in southwestern Germany.
new club
He currently lives in Berlin, but this visionary and founder of Tresor was born in Westphalia in 1954, where he will open a new club, he stated this via Facebook post, adding that this its dream come true.

The place has not yet been named, but the uncompromising soundsystem inside the raw cellar is already promised.
As for the program that will take place at the club, the team will focus on international guest appearances and also promote local talent.
Opening date has not yet been announced.

“Electrochoc” by Laurent Garniera at 18 years of “Klubska scena” in Aquarius club in Zagreb, Croatia

Electronic bestseller “Electrochoc” by Laurent Garniera at 18 years of “Klubska scena” in Aquarius club in Zagreb, Croatia on 15th November 2019.

A ten year old kid who improvised partying in his own room, collected over the years of experience, wrote it all in 2003 and published a book, the most famous electronic bestseller "Electrochoc". 
Laurent Garnier confirmed his status as the highest authority on the electronic scene with the publication of this book, whose writing was assisted by the French journalist David Brun-Lambert, and the success of the book is confirmed by numerous world-wide translations, including publications in the Kosovo region, as in Serbia, Croatia and BiH. We hope that there will be a Kosovo edition soon. 
"Electrochoc" is an autobiography written as a novel in which the protagonist is Laurent himself, who witnessed and actively participated in these events. 
It is not an egoistic autobiography but a coherent intersection of the birth, deve…

French government proposes new 'anti-rave' law

The Senate has formally proposed a new law that will interfere with the survival of the scene in that country.

The law provides that every organizer must adapt to the new "precautions" that require him to meet with the mayor at least one month before the event.

They are also seeking a reduction in volume and noise parameters, new administrative deadlines and other difficult criteria to apply.

This law is reminiscent of the UK law of the 90s which was then in force at illegal parties.

Currently, the problem is to get all the permits and authorizations, but with the new law it will be almost impossible for one average young organizer to embark on such obligations.

Penalties for breaching the law are £ 3750 and / or seizing equipment that is expensive.

They believe that the law will contribute to the overall better lifestyle of the stat.

Club owners, organizers and promoters complain that no one involves them in the discussions and issues that affect them, so they think more c…

Sebastian Mora - Argorok [Mechanikal]]

It gives us immense pleasure to present to you this highly anticipated techno offering by one of South America's fastest rising talents in Sebastian Mora. 

This incredible 5 track E.P. entitled 'Argorok' is nothing short of a masterpiece.

'Argorok' is a tough, straight up Techno thriller. Big, cutting kicks drive through to clean, solid lead patterns to create a no-nonsense and meaty original that has all the power and drive that you will have come to expect from a Sebastian Mora cut.

'Living Legend' is a monster! Incredible synth stabs drive this hypnotic and addictive cut through a solid and relentless journey.

Supported by an absolutely mind-blowing remix by Vily Vinilo, 'Living Legend' lives up to its name!


FU-5 & Vince - Rapport EP [Abstraction]

FU-5 and Vince from Argentina and Portugal

Opening things on side A we have 'Compress C3' and 'Compress C4' two analog monsters where the Argentinian artist shows his wildest side.

Building a fluid narrative through strong kick drums, syncopated synth sequences and uneasy hi hats he shapes these powerful tools.

'Swig' and 'Fey' are the cuts that make up the B side of the release.

Showing personality and a distinctive sound, the young Portuguese artist subtly merges the Techno style of the early 2000s with the current tendencies, resulting in two very useful and effective tracks for any situation of the night.


Various Artists - Música Para Soñar [MOOR01]

MOOR is a Buenos Aires label, created under the influence of its predecessor ROOM recs, where it will seek not to adapt to any particular sound or artist, editing music as much as what we commonly call dancefloor music.

MOOR will seek not to limit itself in terms of bpm or tone and will motivate the artists on duty not to have limitations when it comes to sending us music, breaking that prototype of musical barriers, and getting carried away by the originality and spirit of each one.

MOOR is the maximum freedom of expression and search for new sound boundaries. 
Music to dream, textual and literal is the only and most successful way to give a full name to this magic album that contains 7 tracks with which the artists expressed themselves freely and let their imagination fly in high caliber music, without limitation in terms of any genre or music style.

Being the first release of the label, we are very happy to listen to drum and bass and very musical artists on this EP of MOOR.

Thank yo…

Ceili - Rough N Ready [Obscuur]

After their first foray into the vinyl world last year, with a beast of a release from Time Traveler, Holland's Obscuur return with another vinyl outing, this time from Ceili. With two very strong originals and wonderful remixes from harder favourites Hadone and Rommek.

At once pristine and rough, there's an attention to detail which allows every sound to pop, both across the percussive opener and the arpeggio based second track.

There's definitely a hint of rave warfare in here too, it's high octane stuff for an energetic crowd.

On remix duties we have the ever heavyweight Hadone, who slams his foot on the gas, playing it flat out. London regular Rommek displays the breadth of his character as usual, with a fired up breakbeat style roller closing out the release.


ADE 2019 looks back on a successful edition

400,000 visitors from a record number of 146 countries in Amsterdam, 2020 dates announced.

Another record breaking edition for ADE. The 24th edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), has just come to end and the organisation already announces next year’s dates:
In 2020 The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will celebrate its 25th anniversary from 21-25 October.
From 16 to 20 October 2019, the largest global platform for electronic music offered over 1,000 events spread across 200 locations, attracting over 400,000 visitors from a record number of nearly 150 countries. The conference also achieved a record number of 9150 delegates, with 600 industry professionals taking part in keynotes, workshops and masterclasses on a variety of topics.
In recent years the Amsterdam Dance Event has become the most important breeding ground for electronic music culture. The day program extensively commemorated the 100 years of electronic musical instruments, including a Museum of Modern Instruments ( MoMI ) i…

Research: Techno has been the best-selling genre for the last four years

The International Music Summit in Ibiza annually publishes a study exploring the development of the electronic music industry globally.

In addition to a number of interesting lectures, discussions, forums, workshops and parties, the research is being conducted by analyst Kevin Watson, a passionate lover of the electronic genre from London. He is also the author of a Dance-onomics study published in 2012 in the Netherlands.

Electronic music is the third most listened genre in the world according to the International Music Conference in Ibiza.

 64% listen to pop music, 57% rock, and 32% listen to electronic music.

The survey was conducted on the basis of 19 thousand people, aged 16 to 64 years from 18 countries. Based on this survey about 1.5 billion people are listening to electronic music today.

According to Beatport, the world's most famous digital electronic music store, techno has been a top-selling genre for 4 years now.

The second in line is Tech-house, third house, fourth d…

Research: Female DJs are growing in popularity at the speed of light

IMS Ibiza is the Global Electronic Music Industry Survey and the following informations are related to social networks and TV advertising.

Charlotte de Witte had the biggest fan growth.
This data shows that their fans grew much faster than the five DJs with the largest number of fans - Marshmello, David Guetta, Alan Walker, Calvin Harris, Skrillex.
In 2018, Amelie Lens doubled the number of fans across all social networks compared to the year before. After appearing at 25, the anniversary of Time Warp had a fourfold increase in fans on a daily basis.
Leading global brands are signing contracts with well-known female DJs who participate in publicity campaigns. Peggy Gou was so advertised by Porsche; Eli & Fur worked on the campaign for Kayak; Alison Wonderland has collaborated on a Super Bowl campaign for a new mobile app.

Industrialyzer - Moonstone EP [Secon State]

Ricardo Rodrigues aka Industrialyzer delivers another hard-edged release for Pan-Pot's label.

Inspired by 90s techno, it sees Rodrigues move from the Green Velvet-style deranged jack on the title track into the Plastikman-influenced "Kontrol", where snares roll in unison over a skeletal, niggling rhythm.

On "Daily Nova", he ups the pace to deliver a tone-shifting banger that's powered by doubled-up claps and a lean rhythm, while "Psychic Overlays" is the toughest arrangement on offer here.

Led by grubby kicks and hi-hats so sharp they'll pierce your skin, its cascading filters make it a relentless peak-time affair.


Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 Highlights

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the world’s largest club festival and business conference for electronic music is in full swing. The ADE conference is completely sold out with limited availability for ADE Beats and ADE University. From 16th and the 20th of October more than 2,500 artists and 600 speakers will take part in the event in Amsterdam. The organisers expect to welcome over 400,000 visitors from over 100 countries for the 24th edition.

In recent years, the Amsterdam Dance Event has become the most important breeding ground for electronic music culture. Besides the extensive conference and festival program, ADE highlights current technological and social trends as well as crossovers with other genres such as film and photography, making Amsterdam the meeting point for the global electronic music community.

The 2019 ADE Lifetime Achievement has been awarded to Marco de Goede for his vital work in Amsterdam politics and nightlife. As a politician, back in 2002, De Goede led the …

Truncate - The Bell/Initials/Timbre Ep [Blueprint]

Few if any contemporary producers do heads-down techno better than Truncate, as his latest EP for Blueprint demonstrates.

What really sets the LA producer apart is his ability to tease out new sounds and nuances while still maintaining maximum impact. For example, "The Bell" is a rolling, rhythm-heavy affair that resounds to ticking percussion and pounding drums, but also drops into atmospheric reveries.


Similarly, on "Initials", Truncate visits Miill-style minimalism, but adds his own touch with some deft, detuned sounds, while "Timbre" sees him deliver a rolling percussive affair that builds and drops subtly thanks to some wild tonal progressions

Launch HN: Multis (YC S19): online business bank account for cryptocurrency

Launch HN: Multis (YC S19): online business bank account for cryptocurrency Hi HN, We're Théophile and Thibaut, and we're building Multis ( ): an online bank account designed for companies holding cryptocurrency. We're helping them store it, spend it and earn interest. We have been in this industry for the past 3 years. Thibaut used to lead sales at Stratumn, a Nasdaq-backed company helping companies securing their shared workflows through cryptocurrencies. Théo built several decentralized applications before starting the company in 2018. Wallets are the cornerstone of the industry: you need them to store and transact with cryptocurrencies. But these wallets are not designed for business. You cannot perform simple business operations like running a payroll, paying vendors, or earning interest, which you can currently do from your modern business bank account. Cryptocurrencies - and particularly stablecoins - are a reliable, fast and cost-efficient med…