EXIT Festval announce new dates in August 2020

The Netherlands: Festivals and mass events will not be able to take place until the vaccine is invented

Free album by Rødhåd - WSNWG – BACK TO ZERO

Deep Space Helsinki is back on air

Two events of Rotterdam Rave at the same date

The owner of the cult techno club Tresor, announced a new club

Dangelo (Arg) - Atmospheric Refraction [Dissolved Mind]

Movie - Police Close Clubs; Rave Activists Occupy Georgian Parliament

German express train converted to Techno Rave Train

vinyl 12" | 999999999 - 000000005 [NineTimesNine]

vinyl 12" | HVL - Rhythmic Sonatas [Bassiani]

vinyl 12" | The ADVENT - Dorian Blue [Thema Recordings]

Planetary Assault System - Plantae LP [Ostrug ton]

Movie - "Free Tekno" - world travelers who organize illegal parties in the forests

Obzeen - The Calling album [Bubblejam]

Modular Phaze - Supreme Carnivore E.P. [Mechanikal]

“Electrochoc” by Laurent Garniera at 18 years of “Klubska scena” in Aquarius club in Zagreb, Croatia

French government proposes new 'anti-rave' law

Sebastian Mora - Argorok [Mechanikal]]

FU-5 & Vince - Rapport EP [Abstraction]