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Black Sun Empire @ ODA, Prishtina, Kosovo

Presale tickets for this event were 3 euro and 4 euro if you bought them at the door. DNB-KS was the organizer. This was the third big event they organized. Before that, they brought Big Bud from London and DJ Lynx also from London, and now Black Sun Empire from Holland. 

ODA is a great underground place, at least I like it, it’s totally my type of place. It’s in the center of the city, it’s underground, secluded, you don’t bother anyone. There’s a bar at the entrance, and after that a great spacious room, with a great stage and on both sides there are steps, where you can easily sit down and not bother anyone. And the sound system is good too.

Labinot Sponca (a local DJ) was the warm up act. What did he spin? DnB. And I love everything that shakes you up and carries your entire body. All the way till Black Sun Empire started my group of friends was jumping. Even one of our friends who didn’t expect that we’d take her drumming, and she too jumped and shook all the time. 

And while we wer…