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NEWS: "Radiant" - Sabb's first album/new record label

Kosovo's No.1 tech house artist, Sabb is about to launch his new record label/first album, both named “Radiant” 
After years of DJing almost all over the world and releasing singles, EP’s and remixes, in many various and well-known record labels of the Electronic Music Industry, incl. his previous record label, SK Supreme RecordsSabb, marks his 10 year anniversary with his debut album, "Radiant" , coming out on APR. 6, 2018, on his new record label Radiant. The album consists 8 tracks and will be released on a double 12” vinyl and of course, in digital format.
Due to his craving for dispersing distinctive music all over the world, Sabb designed Radiant to be more than just an ordinary record label therefore, last year (December 31, 2017), he launched the very first “Radiant” event, in collaboration with Space Monki, where he hosted Nick CurlyAnthikMurcianoMarco CaponeDavid AurelNukem, Kantarik and Ceyen. Also, on February, he hosted the second Radiant event  w/…