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Hapesira's February techno events

Two events in February in two years organized by Hapsira organization on Kosovo: RWV: Etapp Kyle + Anetha, Vegim, Flekitza, Leo Lumezi, Uran B. & RWIX: Artefakt LIVE + Keith Carnal, Vegim, Ivi Abazi

On FEB. 16, 2017 After introducing me to german amazing/outstanding electronic music scene, 'Hapēsira' introduced me to France's and Ukraine's electronic music scene w/ Anetha from 'Blocaus Series'/'Reclaim Your City' & Etapp Kyle from 'Klockworks'/ Unterton' for 'Rilindja Warehouse V' - which was also connected to Germany, as Etapp Kyle is part of Ben Klock's 'Klockworks' and 'Ostgut Ton'. I will always remember the moment when Anetha played Dustin Zahn's 'Ascendant II' which i know of thanks to my fav. local artists/friends - Vegim & Flekitza, and her own 'Acid Train'! ♥

On FEB. 02, 2018 I finally had a chance to listen to my fav local artist - Vegim, for the first time at my home - '…

Viberate - slovenian music platform that allows you to earn VIB tokens

This is an excellent Slovenian music platform or database of world musicians, agencies, organizers, promoters as well as all new musicians, giving them a chance to have a successful career. Founders of are Slovenian techno dj and producer Uroš Umek and his team with whom he has been working together since the beginning of his career, Vasja Veber and Matej Gregorčič. They have been in the music industry for more than 15 years and they wanted to solve the problems they faced during this time. The project is already supported by the European Commission's "Music Moves Europe" program, so it has been selected as one of 8 startups that will change the music industry, and Viberate its supported by Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

A new system that allows music lovers to earn crypto tokens is an open base that allows everyone to add new artists and locations, earning Viberese cry…

Dave Clarke returns to ADE with his renowned Friday night party at Melkweg on 19th October

On the line up we will see the likes of Sam Paganini, Rebekah, a live performance by Octave One, Marcel Fengler, Mark Broom, Anetha, B.Traits, Dutch techno veteran Estroe and Mr. Jones

Clarke’s djing dexterity is always something to behold and joining him this year is another stellar line up of techno's current biggest names.
For 14th edition at ADE , Dave Clarke presents some of the biggest names currently in techno.
They will all play Clarke’s multiple room club event at Melkweg on ADE Friday, October 19th.
Many know Dave Clarke as the Baron of Techno, but with his ever expanding encyclopedia on everything dance related, he is also the Lord of Electro, with his popular ‘Whip It’ night being one of his most recent endeavors. Whip It proved just how irresistible the electro genre can be, so watch out for that ADE line up announcement.
Headlining this edition of Dave Clarke Presents is Sam Paganini, who built his name in the underground circuit and will be bringing his powerful grooves …

PARTY REVIEW: RWIX: Artefakt LIVE + Keith Carnal | Prishtina, KS

The night of MAR. 2, 2018, a once in a lifetime techno experience
photo credit: Adi Beqiri
Everything was ready at the abandoned/former Rilindja Printing House, for the 9th Edition of Rilindja Warehouse, and so were we. 

That night we went to the venue at 10:00 PM.

While waiting outside for the doors to open, we met a clique of techno/rave enthusiasts from Prishtina, who we started a conversation with, and asked us if we attended previous Editions of Rilindja Warehouse, as they told us:
"This is our first time attending Rilindja Warehouse, so we would like to know what's the events are like here"So, we continued our conversation about the event we were about to attend in 30 minutes/Hapësira and we told them about the "Rilindja Warehouse" editions we attended in the past. We also informed them about Hapësira's concept of presenting techno artists who are actually growing further, to make them famous, and how it's aiming to present artists who are involved on …

PARTY REVIEW: Trips & Tics at BASStore Club, Prishtina, KS

Great party at BASStore Club on 17th February 2018!

Music without exaggeration, objectively speaking, was brutal and concrete.
The great techno duo - Trips & Tics, from Underground Connection agency, made the most of it and provided the lovely audience with LOVE & DANCE!

photo credit: Nebojša Cvetković Photography

The beautiful club - BASStore, with great sound system and lighting, this time, among 128bpm, shots emotions in such a cruel and tough way. It looked so wonderful for the ears and our bodies that moves in that lively techno rhythm.

Techno gives you love!

It should have the courage to spin "strong tracks" indoors and make the audience feel comfortable, pleasant and cheerful.

Each atom of their dedication to what they do, through music, was radiated to all of us, the audience, who recognized most of the that were chosen and played by Trips & Tics.

It’s nice to feel such good vibrations released by the techno music that was going on, on the DJ booth and the energy…

A Belgian Impression of Next level's 11th Anniversary with Rebekah!

Photo credit to Petrit Rrahmani

           After a long journey through Europe, we entered Kosovo. We decided to stop at the capital of Kosovo - Pristina. Surprisingly, we found out about Next Level’s “11th Anniversary” Event with the UK-born/Berlin-based DJ - Rebekah. We decided to attend the event.
           That night, the host - Next level, celebrated it’s 11th anniversary, and hellboy, they know how to do it!!! When we entered the venue (ODA Theatre - in the center of Prishtina), we were welcomed by heavy Techno beats and a large LED video wall. Visualisation was so great and powerful!
"Kosovo is on the top of techno scene and they really have very good clubbing life. 
             We were amazed and shocked, in a positive way of course, as this party was all you want for a night out! The 11 years of experience of “Next level”, certainly showed us how the Electronic Music Scene in Kosovo is growing, in fact, the Techno scene, what we wouldn’t expect. We are very surprised how K…