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EVENT REVIEW: Euphoria lll — SNTS, Vegim, Flekitza, Liburn / Ferizaj / Uroševac, KS

Valon Hoxha and his NGO "Euphoria" from Ferizaj has been organizing music events dedicated to electronic music for two years in a row, giving special attention to the techno genre.
This year, Euphoria organized its third edition at a new location, in the hall of sports in Ferizaj/Uroshevac. Young people from Euphoria team made good changes in the sporthall, so the space for the event looked like a perfect underground club.
The sound was "flying" over the room, but it was hard enough to feel bass, while the lighting show played a very good role to feel every beat.
Euphoria keeping techno alive!

The event was opened by local DJ Liburn who played techno tracks for the first time in his home city. Although the set was full of long pauses, the audience was warmed up very well for the star of the evening!

The star of this techno evening was an anonymous techno producer, SNTS, who first appeared in 2012. with a mask on his face and thus remained devoted to the concept of anony…

Hapesira's February techno events

Two events in February in two years organized by Hapsira organization on Kosovo: RWV: Etapp Kyle + Anetha, Vegim, Flekitza, Leo Lumezi, Uran B. & RWIX: Artefakt LIVE + Keith Carnal, Vegim, Ivi Abazi

On FEB. 16, 2017 After introducing me to german amazing/outstanding electronic music scene, 'Hapēsira' introduced me to France's and Ukraine's electronic music scene w/ Anetha from 'Blocaus Series'/'Reclaim Your City' & Etapp Kyle from 'Klockworks'/ Unterton' for 'Rilindja Warehouse V' - which was also connected to Germany, as Etapp Kyle is part of Ben Klock's 'Klockworks' and 'Ostgut Ton'. I will always remember the moment when Anetha played Dustin Zahn's 'Ascendant II' which i know of thanks to my fav. local artists/friends - Vegim & Flekitza, and her own 'Acid Train'! ♥

On FEB. 02, 2018 I finally had a chance to listen to my fav local artist - Vegim, for the first time at my home - '…

PARTY REVIEW: Trips & Tics at BASStore Club, Prishtina, KS

Great party at BASStore Club on 17th February 2018!

Music without exaggeration, objectively speaking, was brutal and concrete.
The great techno duo - Trips & Tics, from Underground Connection agency, made the most of it and provided the lovely audience with LOVE & DANCE!

photo credit: Nebojša Cvetković Photography

The beautiful club - BASStore, with great sound system and lighting, this time, among 128bpm, shots emotions in such a cruel and tough way. It looked so wonderful for the ears and our bodies that moves in that lively techno rhythm.

Techno gives you love!

It should have the courage to spin "strong tracks" indoors and make the audience feel comfortable, pleasant and cheerful.

Each atom of their dedication to what they do, through music, was radiated to all of us, the audience, who recognized most of the that were chosen and played by Trips & Tics.

It’s nice to feel such good vibrations released by the techno music that was going on, on the DJ booth and the energy…

PARTY REVIEW: 11th Anniversary w/Rebekah, Rinia Rinia, Toton, Vegim & Flekitza / 15--09 / Teatri ODA, Prishtina-KS

An unforgettable event that will remain forever in our/Kosovo’s clubbers minds & in Kosovo’s Electronic music events history! 

September 15, Next Level hosted a proper techno night with nowadays Techno Lady - Rebekah, Rinia Rinia from Macedonia, TotonVegim Flekitza - local support, from Prishtina, on the occasion of it’s 11th anniversary. The event took place at Teatri ODA - a private theatre in Prishtina. We went there around 11:00 PM, while Rinia Rinia from Skopje, was opening the night, with his tech house set, until around 00:30 AM.

Afterwards,Toton, took care of warming up the audience forRebekah’s Live Hybrid Set”, with his tech house/techno set. People were so warmed up for Rebekah! Very good set byToton! Rebekah played a“Live Hybrid”techno set from 2:30 AM until 4:30 PM.
Rebekah’s “Live Hybrid Set”was beyond perfect! She was 4 deck mixing, all the time, so maybe some of you can say it was so confusing, with all of those elements she was adding to the tracks that she …

Review of Massive Fest, Djakova, KS

The first edition of Massive Fest, was held at Fshajt Bridge or Saint Bridge (Albanian: Ura e Fshejtë or Ura e Shenjtë) - Djakovica, Kosovo on 19 & 20 May, 2017.

With a unique location, spectacular visuals, mint soundsystem & a lineup for every taste in music, including artists like: Hajdar BerishaMIM, DJ DS, Mali, DJ 69, Megan, Fidani & Onufri, Dynamic ManNita Latifi & Band, Vibe Honeyz, Vegim Flekitza, DJ Ace, Duo Deejay’s, Alexose, Martin BFatos Çunaku, it was an attractive/long awaited, festival.

The variative genres of music, like: rock, house, tech house, deep house & techno, followed by the breeze of the nature & the sound of the river (Drin), that surrounded the festival’s location, made that weekend, unique, unforgettable & non-repeatable.

We attended the festival, just so we can give a detailed description of the festival, for all of you festival souls, that weren’t able to attend it.

The backstage was open for anyone, who wanted to hangou…

Review: Nat H Lee at Basstore Club, Prishtina, KS

After a performance in 2014 at the Pulse Festival in PristinaMiss Nat H Lee, has spinned for Kosovo clubbers for the second time. This time she played at BASSTORE, previously MHz, in Pristina on 15th April 2017.
Warm up at that night was local DJ Lilac, fine light techno, followed on the stage by Tatu, a DJ from Albania. He played tech-house with a combination of dance music, while at the very end, performed Miss Nat H Lee.
With 4 hours of good grooves of Nat’s techno, the crowd danced until the early morning hours. You may have noted that some of the audience wasn’t interested in her harder sound, but later they adapted with to the vibrations and dance moves they received from dj booth and Miss Nat H Lee.
During performance Nat H Lee, supported Kosovar artists, as she included Vegim and Flekitza's 'Rumble in the Jungle" as well as a couple other of Vegim’s tracks in her list that night.
Again, Nathaly delighted the audience with her music and her positive attitude!
This sum…

A Belgian Impression of Next level's 11th Anniversary with Rebekah!

Photo credit to Petrit Rrahmani

           After a long journey through Europe, we entered Kosovo. We decided to stop at the capital of Kosovo - Pristina. Surprisingly, we found out about Next Level’s “11th Anniversary” Event with the UK-born/Berlin-based DJ - Rebekah. We decided to attend the event.
           That night, the host - Next level, celebrated it’s 11th anniversary, and hellboy, they know how to do it!!! When we entered the venue (ODA Theatre - in the center of Prishtina), we were welcomed by heavy Techno beats and a large LED video wall. Visualisation was so great and powerful!
"Kosovo is on the top of techno scene and they really have very good clubbing life. 
             We were amazed and shocked, in a positive way of course, as this party was all you want for a night out! The 11 years of experience of “Next level”, certainly showed us how the Electronic Music Scene in Kosovo is growing, in fact, the Techno scene, what we wouldn’t expect. We are very surprised how K…

Active Live Music Festival @ Viva Club, Mitrovica, Kosovo

..... people that came to listen to the music threw some sort of spray, teargas or something, looks like the music hit them straight in their hearts....
Then came the Active Live Music Festival, where I played too, but very shortly because the people that came to listen to the music threw some sort of spray, teargas or something, looks like the music hit them straight in their hearts.

There was a game that was watched, so maybe they thought that at the party one should cheer and throw teargas, same as you would do in a stadium. They know the reasons the best, and we aren’t interested much in that. We’ll leave everything that doesn’t deal with music, dancing and hugging to someone else. 
And by clicking on the following links you can listen to two bands and a DJ announcing  themselves for the said festival:Band – Kanda , Kođa i Nebojša,Band – Šraf,DJ Battrič. As well as part of the report of one of the organizers:
Petar Pan: “The concept of the festival, no matter how original and imaginativ…

Black Sun Empire @ ODA, Prishtina, Kosovo

Presale tickets for this event were 3 euro and 4 euro if you bought them at the door. DNB-KS was the organizer. This was the third big event they organized. Before that, they brought Big Bud from London and DJ Lynx also from London, and now Black Sun Empire from Holland. 

ODA is a great underground place, at least I like it, it’s totally my type of place. It’s in the center of the city, it’s underground, secluded, you don’t bother anyone. There’s a bar at the entrance, and after that a great spacious room, with a great stage and on both sides there are steps, where you can easily sit down and not bother anyone. And the sound system is good too.

Labinot Sponca (a local DJ) was the warm up act. What did he spin? DnB. And I love everything that shakes you up and carries your entire body. All the way till Black Sun Empire started my group of friends was jumping. Even one of our friends who didn’t expect that we’d take her drumming, and she too jumped and shook all the time. 

And while we wer…