MDMA safety by DanceSafe

We are big fan of DanceSafe ♥
DanceSafe is a organization that promotes health, education and safety within the rave and festival community. 
DanceSafe is also one of the leading groups promoting “harm reduction” policies in the rave and festival community.
“Harm Reduction” is a public health philosophy that encourages policy choices at raves and fests that reduce the risks associated with the use of MDMA.

On their web site they provide information on harm reduction, in fact they will set up a stand and provide unbiased drug information, patrons with condoms, water, ear plugs, sunscreen...
They also provide a safe space for people to cool down and have healthy conversations about the drug use and their health.
These are their rules on MDMA safety: 
- test your drugs
- hydrate yourself 
- drink water and electrolytes
- take breaks and cool down
- Communicate with someone around you if you start to feel overwhelmed or are having a difficult experience

Read more at our [source] 
And watch " The Truth About Ecstasy" by VICE a documentary about drugs in the UK and find out what make ecstasy so dangerous and how that danger can be reduced